Day 3 Vienna

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Today was a busy day – we visited Vienna, somewhat briefly, and the Schonnbrunn Palace. Our morning involved a coach trip round Vienna, being shown all the important buildings, and I confess, I have a rather blurred memory of them. (I was assured that I would love it by someone whose favourite city it was, but I don’t think I registered enough of the best part!)


There were lots of very imposing buildings, like the picture above, and of course the famous Ferris Wheel, which we saw from the coach and needless to say my photos are totally useless!

I do remember the Spanish Riding School and stables, with its beautiful white horses, as interested in us as we were in them!



We continued to walk along one of the main pedestrianized streets, where Christmas preparations were in full swing. Sadly, the “big” Christmas market was further away than we were prepared to walk, but later we found a smaller one.


The Germans seem obsessed with cakes, and sweetmeats, and there are cake shops and cafes everywhere – all our guides mentioned or recommended places!


An amazing memorial commemorating, I think, the plague. You can see the decorations going up.

The walking tour stopped close to this place, and we were allowed some free time to potter about. So we found a lovely café and devoured, in my case, a Mozart torte, and in his, sacher torte, and hot chocolates – it was not a warm day!



Finally, we found a very small Christmas market next to the church, and managed to collect some great wooden decorations – something that part of the world excels at.


We were taken back to the boat for lunch, the off we went again, this time to the Schonnbrunn Palace. More on this amazing place later.




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