Day 2 Budapest

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After a great breakfast, we got organised and joined a guided tour round the city of Budapest. We had done the trip the last time we were on a cruise, and didn’t expect much, but were happily impressed. As it was a Sunday, certain parts of the trip were not available, so we got an extended visit to another part of the old part, Buda, that we had not been able to visit before.

We drove round the main, modern part, visiting “Heroes’ Square”,  as before, only this time it was quite foggy, instead of bright sunshine, and the pictures look quite different! The building in the background is a copy of an historic building, while the pillar to the right is part of the memorial.


From there we drove up to the older part. This where the Royal Families lived, now libraries, museums, and office Image

buildings. We were shown a dig where Roman foundations are being unearthed, and were pleasantly surprised to watch a Hungarian version of Changing of the Guard in front of the Presidential building.

This is, I think, the St. Matthias Church, with a splendid, rebuilt ceramic tiled roof.Image 

Keith took a photo of this fine fellow on my arm – total tourist trap, but he was very beautiful, and a camera hog!


We took lots of photos here, as the views were spectacular.


The spectacular Parliament building, from Buda, across the Danube in Pest.


My favourite building, not that old, but attractive – the Fishermen’s Bastion, also in Buda.

Eventually we rejoined the boat for lunch, as she sailed “up” the Danube to our next stop, Vienna.










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