A long gap, but working again

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I finally managed to work out what was wrong with the Duchess sleeve – I had made a two piece sleeve, a la Hunnisett, and was putting much too much fabric into the undersleeve. I went back to Arnold and drew around the original sleeve shape, but with the CB seam split to the elbow. It is now a one piece sleeve, with a dart at the elbow, which was also moved down about an inch. Hopefully this should work. She is coming down again over the weekend, and we will have what should be a final fitting, and fingers crossed, she should take it away with he – she has been very patient.


These are the Chinese silk brocade stays I made to go under the “Duchess” dress. Based on the 1776 Diderot stays, we chose that pattern because she may well have another outfit to wear for 1745, as with the other members of Danse Ecosse. This shape suits, just about, both periods.

I am planning a Victorian man’s dressing gown for an old customer, and a new 1650 outfit for the theatre lady who has another character to portray. Then, unless anyone comes up with an offer I can’t refuse, I will have no more historical costumes to make until I get round to Keith’s suit for the Bath Parade next September. I have several small, none historical items to do, for presents mostly, and another great tidy up of the workroom, if I can ever push myself to do it, and some shirts and skirts and trousers for me.


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