Well, back again.

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After quite a gap, I’m back and sewing. The cap that I made for my 1827 lady was extremely succesful, apparently, and she was comfortable in it. The theatre lady wasnts to buy the cap I made for her. It was on loan and was going to go to an old customer, but I realised that I had put one of the bands on back to front, so am happy to sell it on, and remake the cap correctly so I can photograph it for the pattern I am making. She also wants an apron, which will not be a problem as I can cadge a small amount of linen from a friend.

Another lady reminded me I was to make an apron for her, and the same friend probably has the linen for that too. My gentleman customer who wants the Victorian dressing gown has contacted me, and we are going to set up an appointment shortly.

However, first I have to reset the sleeves of the 18th century dress nicknamed the “Duchess.” I felt they weren’t quite right but there was no time for a final fitting, so off it went. S. wore it, but brought it back to me for final tweaking this weekend. As usual she is staying over, and will probably be able to take it back with her. Then the only thing I have to finish for her is the partlet for her Mary Queen of Scots dress, which was never quite right, and now she has lost quite a lot of weight, needs sorting out.

In the gap time, before we went on holiday I cut out several blouse/shirts for me, and a pair of trousers. I decided not to finish the trousers as they are wonderfully warm wool, and we were going somewhere warm. I was so glad I wore my cotton jersey trousers instead – I would have melted! I only finished one of the shirts, but did wear it, and of course, didn’t like it! The neck is wrong for me, so I shall alter that, and change the other ones to match – another “Thank goodness I didn’t finish them” moment!


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