Finally, real sewing!

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Having spent a few more days sorting out and throwing another huge bag of scraps of fabric, I finally did a little work. This was after I finally found the fabric that had started the Big Tidy, and filed it carefully with the other “holiday clothes” fabrics ( only to lose it again when I forgot where it was!)

I had suggested that the 1827 lady wore a cap to cover her modern hairstyle, and had made a toile/trial cap. I found some lovely permanently pleated organza, left over from a previous job, to replace the very flat looking lace that I had originally trimmed the cap with. I overlocked (serged) the edge, and pleated a double layer at the front of the the cap, then sewed down the lining, to cover the raw edges. The difficulty for the lady was that, as a musician, she did not want her ears covered, so the cap was specifially made for that purpose. I machined a channel in the middle section of the cap, so I could put a drawstring through it, although it probably wasn’t necessary. She seems to be very happy, and I shall tidy up the pattern before going on to the next one, a corded Regency style.

Cap from a museum collection, possibly the Met?


My copy, slightly modified


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