Nearly all done

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I have been working on both sets of costumes simultaneously – one day the suit, then next the dress, and so on. I managed that way to get most of the 1827 couple finished. If I hadn’t made a very silly mistake centering the pleats on the lady’s dress, hers would have been completely done! She was thrilled, and said it was so comfortable it was like wearing clothes – a huge compliment. I have to adjust that pleat, stitch on the ribbon belt, as it was a fraction short, and make up her cap.

Piping everywhereI did an enormous amount of piping, shoulders, armholes, side back seams, waist, neckline and cuffs.

 His shirt, which took far too long, waistcoat, and coat were all finished and ready to go, but I needed, I thought, to take his trousers to be buttonholed. However, in stock, I have a pair of beautifully tailored trousers I made for my DH, and realised that I could do this with my Singer widget for making buttonholes. I might hand stitch over the machining, just to make them look better, but as they are on a fly front, I think they won’t show and not matter.

Wool crepe with a silk lining.

I also have a couple of plain silk cravats to finish, just strips doubled, machined and neatened, nothing fancy.

And then there was the 18th century dress….


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