All Behind! (Again)

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Over the weekend I had S. to stay again, and we worked on finalising the details of her 18th century dress, like decoration and so on. We refitted the corset/stays as I had altered them, checked the fit of the modified pocket hoops – twice, as the first time I forgot to measure waist to ground – and eventually the altered sleeve and the bodice.The stays needed a fraction out of the underam seam, the pocket hoops worked perfectly, giving a gentler slope, and the bodice needed the waist nudging a bit. The sleeve, I am happy to say, was “perfect” – her words.

After she left I returned to the 1827 man, getting the coat ready for its buttonholes which need doing professionally. I will be ordering matching buttons. The waistcoat also is ready for the buttonholes, but I have antique buttons for that. S. sewed in the lining for me which was very helpful.

Today I was distracted as I had to get the results – not good – from my blood test last week. I need to finish 1827 man and lady by Monday, preferably Sunday, so I have half a chance of getting S’s whole costume to her on Wednesday evening on the sleeper, courtesy of one of the other ladies – saves a lot of money!


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