Busy with fabric but not sewing!?

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I’ve spent some very useful time going through my shelves, crates and boxes of fabric, tidying, reminding myself of old favourites, finding lost treasures, and eventually, throwing away a huge rubbish sack full of calico , cotton and linen offcuts, saved “just in case” only never used! I have bagged upo some pretty scraps for an adult help centre, where they use them for pictures, collage and craft purposes, and I should make the effort to bag up some more.

 mean to make some clothes from some of the fabrics I’ve found or sorted out – I need (not really, perhaps want is a better word) another skirt or two, and a couple of overshirts, so as to have the right clothes for our next holiday.



1827 costume collected

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The lady came and collected the remaining bits of the 1827 costume, and tried on the cap. The lace looked way too flat, but the organza strip I had prepared had disappeared this morning. I’ve no doubt it will turn up again soon, as I would much rather use that. She found the cap fitted well, so I shall finish it with a better frill, make a copy or two of the collar, and send them off.

Those will not happen immediately, but am taking a little break from sewing for others. I have several items I wasnt to make for myself, having bought yet more fabric over the summer!

However, I was on tenterhooks over the weekend as I had sent the 1785 dress off on the overnight train to Inverness without a final fitting, and didn’t get the usual note to say it had arrived!

Matching stripes!


 Eventually I got a note saying she’d worn it, but it need the alterations I had mentioned – the sleeves need twisting a fraction. Also, proper lace falls on the sleeves need to be added. But then she sent a small, blurry picture, adn commented that she felt and looked like a Duchess – as that was the theme I was very pleased



Nearly all done

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I have been working on both sets of costumes simultaneously – one day the suit, then next the dress, and so on. I managed that way to get most of the 1827 couple finished. If I hadn’t made a very silly mistake centering the pleats on the lady’s dress, hers would have been completely done! She was thrilled, and said it was so comfortable it was like wearing clothes – a huge compliment. I have to adjust that pleat, stitch on the ribbon belt, as it was a fraction short, and make up her cap.

Piping everywhereI did an enormous amount of piping, shoulders, armholes, side back seams, waist, neckline and cuffs.

 His shirt, which took far too long, waistcoat, and coat were all finished and ready to go, but I needed, I thought, to take his trousers to be buttonholed. However, in stock, I have a pair of beautifully tailored trousers I made for my DH, and realised that I could do this with my Singer widget for making buttonholes. I might hand stitch over the machining, just to make them look better, but as they are on a fly front, I think they won’t show and not matter.

Wool crepe with a silk lining.

I also have a couple of plain silk cravats to finish, just strips doubled, machined and neatened, nothing fancy.

And then there was the 18th century dress….


All Behind! (Again)

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Over the weekend I had S. to stay again, and we worked on finalising the details of her 18th century dress, like decoration and so on. We refitted the corset/stays as I had altered them, checked the fit of the modified pocket hoops – twice, as the first time I forgot to measure waist to ground – and eventually the altered sleeve and the bodice.The stays needed a fraction out of the underam seam, the pocket hoops worked perfectly, giving a gentler slope, and the bodice needed the waist nudging a bit. The sleeve, I am happy to say, was “perfect” – her words.

After she left I returned to the 1827 man, getting the coat ready for its buttonholes which need doing professionally. I will be ordering matching buttons. The waistcoat also is ready for the buttonholes, but I have antique buttons for that. S. sewed in the lining for me which was very helpful.

Today I was distracted as I had to get the results – not good – from my blood test last week. I need to finish 1827 man and lady by Monday, preferably Sunday, so I have half a chance of getting S’s whole costume to her on Wednesday evening on the sleeper, courtesy of one of the other ladies – saves a lot of money!

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